fiberless optical communications
in space

Enabling immediate and high capacity communications for satellite constellations

Skyloom is developing a spaceborne, optical data transfer network leveraging geostationary relay satellites to provide 24x7, high-capacity communication services for low Earth orbit constellations.

Our infrastructure will allow our customers to move massive amounts of information immediately, paving the way for them to deliver real-time insights and applications.
By eliminating the data transfer bottleneck, they will no longer need to sacrifice precious data and will maximize the value of their space assets.


To radically enhance space to Earth communications, unlocking the true economic potential of low Earth Orbit and helping our customer reach the full potential of their constellations.


To fundamentally change the way in which we communicate in space, and from space to ground.



Our unique architecture and infrastructure will allow us to offer high capacity data plans to LEO constellations with the unique feature of immediacy.


Drastically enhance your bandwidth and overall data transfer capability


Get your data as soon as you generate it.
Build real-time applications


Get your data where you want it, when you want it



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