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Space lasers +
Space-based IP Transit

Welcome to the connected future

We are on the brink of becoming a true planetary society.

Our generation will connect the whole world and carefully monitor the planet’s resources by employing thousands of orbiting satellites.

Satellite sensor data is following Moore’s Law resulting in an exponential increase in data production, which combined with the record number of satellites being deployed leads to an inevitable data transfer bottleneck.

Satellite backhaul will significantly improve worldwide connectivity allowing cellular providers and ISPs to connect gateways and users all over the planet by creating orbital mesh networks to relay traffic globally.

Lasercom provides unlicensed, unregulated, faster, and more secure connectivity and has been recognized as one of the most critical technologies to unlocking the true economic potential of space-based infrastructure.

We’re Enabling the Next Big Step in Global Connectivity

By the end of this decade, millions of Terabits/years of data will need to be transmitted to space and back to Earth.

Skyloom is a telecommunications company founded with the mission to develop, deploy, and operate one of the fundamental pieces of tomorrow's digital infrastructure to provide data transport services on a planetary scale.

We design, build, and lay the space-based equivalent of towers (satellites), fiber (lasercom), routers, and switches, enabling fiberless orbital networks to offer high-capacity data plans.

We provide

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    High-performance equipment

    Lasercom equipment is critical to unlocking the true economic potential of Space-based infrastructure because it provides faster and more secure connectivity that is unlicensed and unregulated.
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    Cost-effective comms satellites

    Satellite constellations are on the cusp of deployment, but their long-term success hinges on substantial cost reductions.
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    High-capacity backhaul services

    Satellite backhaul will significantly improve world-wide connectivity, allowing cellular providers and ISPs to connect gateways and users in remote and underserved areas. The key to their success is lasercom between satellites creating orbital mesh connectivity that relays traffic all over the globe.
As below, so above

The internet expansion into space

To date, fiber optic technology has been the foundation of how we communicate and transmit information around the world. Since its meteoric rise and wide-spread adoption, fiber optics has transformed our world in myriad ways.

The technology, however, has remained largely unchanged since 1996 when we first laid fiber optic cable in the Pacific Ocean that gave way to the internet, as we know it.

Until today.

We are once again on the brink of a revolution in internet infrastructure. The age of free space (fiberless) laser communication has finally arrived.

With our commercial and government partners, we’ve tested and are deploying industry leading intersatellite lasercom links. These are the primary components of the larger lasercom infrastructure we’re building in space that will bring high speed internet services to every single square foot of the planet.

This is true global coverage and connectivity.
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