Optical Communications for a Data-Driven World

This is the beginning of the space internet.

Businesses and governments are rapidly expanding their constellations and adding new industrial and communication applications.

Satellite data needs to be received and acted on immediately. Unfortunately, spaceborne communication is stuck in the dial-up era. That’s why we’ve built Earth’s first space-based telecommunications company.

Skyloom’s high-capacity optical data transport services fundamentally improve speed and availability in low Earth orbit, whether you’re observing the planet or communicating with it.

The Power Of Light

Our optical data relay services massively increase bandwidth and availability at highly competitive rates.

Skyloom breaks the data bottleneck with secure, high-capacity bidirectional connections for satellite-to-satellite and satellite-to-earth transmissions. Intelligent, on-orbit routing guarantees that information gets to where it needs to go.

From the point-of-collection all the way to the cloud, every link in the chain is optical.

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